With 40 years experience in traditional horse care, rehabilitation and equine education Patty has always been keenly aware of what was best for each individual horse that came into her life. As years passed, certain intuitive knowledge kept surfacing and with a growing desire to understand how to connect to each animal on a deeper level, she found herself constantly coming back to the question ''How can I clear away the blockages apparent in both horse and rider in order to bring about effortless connection and joy?"

The answers came...

Meet Patty Ray

A great love and respect for animals has always been present in my life. Starting at an early age, from the family dogs to all the neighborhood pets, the relationships I experienced were often more profound than I could explain. At the age of 10 a dairy farm up the street turned into an equine boarding stable and I could not resist spending all my time there. Working with other people's horses was a great learning experience, but it wasn't until my father finally said yes to owning my 1st horse, "Red", that my true journey began.

I enjoyed Gymkhana and riding western until my mid twenties when the passion for dressage developed. Combining the horsecare knowledge I accrued and a desire to own my own dressage facility, Fox View Farm opened in 1989. Amongst the numerous horses that crossed my path, I was given an injured 10 yr. Oldenburg named Oscar. Coming to me with 2 check ligament injuries, he needed to be brought along correctly with intensive rehabilitation and physical therapy. I didn't realize it then but Oscar set into motion my venture into animal healing work.

In 2004, a business partner and I formed Grand View Dressage Inc. Our barn was full of talented dressage horses ranging from 1st level to Grand Prix. We specialized in training, teaching, rehab and breeding. In the 8 1/2 years that Grand View Dressage was in operation, I managed too keep all my client's horses free from training injuries. I now believe this accomplishment came by way of intuitive guidance. Focused on the individual horse's needs, I started each ride "listening" to how I can help them. Knowing that they are giving me their best at every moment, I constantly kept the channels of communication open between us, resulting in a happy and healthy outcome.

I've come to realize that intuitive messages have been with me since I was young. At the age of 6, upset at my Mom for scolding me, I was out playing with my cousin and close friend in the woods. We were sitting on the side of a hill on a large boulder maybe 12 ft up. I said out loud "boy I wish I would fall off of here and break my arm"... well I didn't break my arm, but I was on the ground in a split second. Another remarkable moment that I remember vividly was when I was riding in Wellington at a barn where we had leased 5 stalls. While riding I noticed the owner's young 2 year old son playing and throwing rocks in a water tub. It was very close to the fence line and I had an uneasy feeling about it. I told Evonne, the young boy's mother, about my feeling and suggested that maybe she just put the water tub away from the fence... I think she thought I was crazy. Three days later we were in the paddock checking on her expectant mare when her son bent over the fence and fell head first into the water tub. We just look at each other, nothing needed to be said.

Remembering this and other extraordinary moments of connectedness, I started to piece together the presence of my psychic abilities. Having applied them unconsciously throughout my equine career I am now bringing them to the forefront of my life. A bit unsure in the past of the power of these abilities I had been afraid to tap back into that field. Understanding how to harness these skills and the positiveness that can come from it, I now welcome it back.