Who Benefits from Animal Communication

Patty has a special place in her heart for horses but is guided to work with all kinds of animals. Pet owners ranging from family, friends, neighbors, to trainers and farm owners, all trying to get answers and do what is in the best interest of their animal companions, will find a benefit to what Patty has to offer.

What People Are Saying About Patty Ray

"Patty Ray has a deep commitment to support what is in the best interest of the horse on a variety of levels. Recently with my own beloved mare, she was able to determine that what was feared as Lyme's, was only a loss of electrolytes. Her commitment is deep, and true. I highly recommend her services."
– Elan O. horse owner & healer

"I have to admit I was a little skeptical regarding horse psychics, intuits, communicators, or what have you. However, I have known Patty for over 40 years and can honestly say she has always possessed a bit of esp, or a touch of the sight. She was always my go to person for any physical, lameness or training issues regarding my horses down through the years. So, when she added this new chapter to her life book, I of course signed up with my horse (that she had never met). It was uncanny the insight that she had into him regarding soundness, training, and his thought process. What she endowed upon me is what every animal owner wants, the ability to hear what our animals are feeling and thinking. She gives voice where I only previously had to guess what was wrong with my animal. Not only did she help me out with training techniques, physical issues he was having, and his mind set, but all of this information was able to help me out with questions that I have had for the last 4 years working with my horse, "Bodie". I would not hesitate to recommend Patty to anyone out there. Her insight is invaluable!"
– Robin M. Horse Owner

"My 11 year old Labrador developed severe separation anxiety when we moved across country to NH. When left alone in the house for about 15 minutes, she destroyed wooden window panels and threw trash around the house. She would tolerate a crate only when severely tranquilized. As a result, we took her everywhere and used the car as a crate, but realized that in winter, which was coming soon, this wouldn't be an option. While very skeptical, I tried essences - on Patty's advice - one drop in the water a day. Within two weeks, the problem has completely resolved! No one could be more surprised than I am. We now have our calm dog back, sleeping in the house, or our daughter's apartment when we leave her for a few hours to go about our business, happy to greet her when we return to a normally adjusted dog. I couldn't be more surprised or happier!"
- Marliyn R. Dog Owner

"Horse life can be very emotional! Shout out to Patty Ray and her business, Intuitive-Wisdom Animal Communication and Healing. I have two horses, Motown who has been on a long rehab, and Wally a new sales horse. It's been a tough 9 months with lots of stress as Mo's injury was serious and required 6 unhappy months in his stall, and Wally was new to me, hard to read, and very worried. Patty first did an energy session with me that helped me understand all my feelings (which your horse can feel too!) and clear the air. Then she read my horses and identified some big themes - Mo's frustration and Wally's introversion and concern with the move from Holland. Next we talked about the dynamic between the three of us - extremely enlightening! All three of us were prescribed flower essences (basically an energy or vibration) which we have taken daily. Mo is much less reactive, less of a troublemaker and just generally happier. Wally (who we also treated for ulcers with Gastroguard) has changed to being more social, much more relaxed in his stall and finally breathing under saddle instead of just holding himself in a frame. He and I have become much more attached, which is great. I feel like a weight is off my shoulders. I know it's non-traditional and I was skeptical at first. But it definitely made a difference - the equine masseuse said the changes in the two horse were "profound" in just 4 weeks, not knowing what I had done differently! Oh, the mysteries of the universe."
- Gail G. horse owner

"I would have to say I was a bit skeptical regarding treatment with flower essences. I am more of an "antibiotic" horse mom. However, when my horse Shorty started exhibiting stiffness in his hind end, I figured I would give Patty's services a shot! It has been a long road with my little guy. Two years ago he tested positive for two tick-borne illnesses. After Patty's treatments I took Shorty roping. For the first time in two years I finally felt as though I had my horse back. The way he moved pain free, and his drive to do his job made me so extremely happy. I would recommend Patty to anyone!"
- Kathryn B. horse owner

"My lovely horse has suffered with chronic Lyme disease for years. He has pretty much been on doxycycline every spring and fall for the last four years. His symptoms are varied. The most common and vexing are back issues. He is a sensitive guy (TB), pain makes him pretty darn miserable and erratic under saddle...

Probably, like most of us I am skeptical of "magic" cures. But, I am also open-minded towards alternative medicine when it comes to helping my horses. I thankfully have had access to acupuncture, homeopathy, muscle testing and chiropractors for a long time. And I've learned over many years with horses that it is just plain smart to explore all options to solve difficult problems. Lyme disease, as you well know if you live in New England, comes under that category, big time.

Symptoms returned in full force last fall. He was bound for yet another long course of antibiotics.

Patty is an old friend, so when she offered to check him out I said sure, why not? Really, what have I got to lose? After her initial consultation and five treatments with flower essences, he felt wonderful, soft and swinging through his back and returned to his happy self. The change in him was dramatic, not only did I see it, but my trainer who rides him regularly felt it too. This was honestly amazing and I happily skipped the antibiotics. The following spring, I had him routinely tested for Lyme and guess what? His titer was by far the lowest ever!

I know now that this is not a "magic pill." Patty has developed her innate empathy for horses and natural intuition into a healing art form, unique and profound. Thank you Patty."
- Connie C. horse owner

"Patty Ray's energy healing has become an integral part of my horse's health and wellbeing.

We live in a tick- centric location in eastern Massachusetts where just about every animal is likely to carry either some dormant or active tick-born viral illness. For two years neither of my horses have needed any intense pharmacological treatments traditionally used for tick born illnesses because Patty's energetic healing has quickly and effectively managed viral upstarts and symptoms. Between my personal vigilance and Patty's monthly "check ups" I feel confident we are managing Lyme and other like diseases. If traditional treatment were necessary I would utilize them immediately, but so far, Patty's energy treatment and healing has proven effective, consistent and gentle.

Additionally, I've had tremendous success with Patty's plant essence work that has effectively assisted in managing hormonal issues and other emotional issues that arise from physical challenges, remembered experiences or any myriad of issues we have difficulty understanding or necessarily addressing. Patty's deep, gentle plant essences have managed and soothed a lot of issues that otherwise might go unaddressed. In the end, I see an increase my horses everyday happiness, rideability and wellness. "
- Carolyn Lackey