Using Nature's Essences to Help Heal

With the help of natural essences Patty can further her intuitive connection by energetically clearing a path for both animal and human to access their true purpose. Essences are tinctures infused with nature's healing qualities and can easily be added to one's drinking water. Through use, they target imbalance in the body and aid in the healing process. Patty offers both vibrational essences made from plants obtained from the world's oceans and flower essences derived from various flowers found around the world.

Applied kinesiology or "muscle testing" enables Patty to determine which essences are best suited to work with the issues that arise during a session. This is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body's imbalances and a reliable resource in assessing which essences she recommends for use.

Treating Lyme Disease

The ever prevalent tick borne disease known as lyme, has become a common problem for many pet owners. Struggling with the frustrating symptoms that come with this bacterial illness, most find diagnosis and treatment to be quite difficult.

Through the use of flower essences, Patty has found an energy approach to help in the treatment of Lyme disease. Contact Patty for more information and treatment recommendations.