How Animal Communication Works

Through a process of deep telepathic communication Patty is able to establish contact with each animal in ways that go beyond conventional interaction. Animals transmit their messages thru visual imagery that can then be interpreted and put into language we can understand. Patty's intuitive skills allow her to tap into that imagery as well as read information stored in your animal's energy fields, then relay those messages to you. Her ability to give the animal a "voice" is an invaluable tool when addressing behavioral problems, training issues, overall health concerns, to help clear past energy blocks as well as simply developing a clearer understanding of the relationship between you and your animal.

What You Can Expect From A Session

Patty will start the session by asking basic identifying information about your animal. Once a definite contact has been made the communication can begin. During a session, valuable insight relating to your animals overall well being and health can be obtained by Patty asking questions directly to your animal. It is helpful to give considerate thought, prior to the session, to what information you are seeking from your animal and have a list of questions ready.

Some Topics and General Questions Commonly Asked Are:

Unexplained Behavior
Training Difficulties
Emotional State/Mind Set
Health Concerns
General Likes and Dislikes
The Mirroring Effect We Have On Our Animals From Our Own Life Challenges
Clearing Emotional and/or Energetic Blocks
How to Cultivate a Rewarding Partnership with the Animal You Love

Session can be conducted either in person or through distance over the phone. The length of the session should be determined ahead of time.